What is AdsteriskSM?

Have you ever bought what looked like the perfect product online, only to find later that it wasn’t “as advertised” or included “hidden” fees or charges? Adsterisk is a tool that empowers you with information to analyze online ads and make better online purchasing decisions.

How will Adsterisk work?

Adsterisk will work with your web browser to help you quickly review online ads for “hidden” traps and potentially unfair or deceptive marketing practices. Adsterisk lets you display a risk rating and analysis for the ad you’re viewing, and highlights important terms and restrictions that may be “buried” deep in the ad. Using information you choose to provide and control, Adsterisk can customize the analysis and ratings and present you with highly relevant ads for related products or services.

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U.S. Pat. No. 8639544; and Pat. Pending


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